Your kitchen sink, bathroom sink with an A/C condensation line or laundry line is stopped up again with normal use and you had plumbers cable the line over the years only to have it happen again! We are sorry this is happening and we'd like to give you some insight as to why this may be happening.

The kitchen line is generally the dirtiest line in the house. The reason why is any time you wash off a plate or run your disposal, you are sending all those oils, grease, food particles, coffee grounds, or what have you into your sewer system. Similarly your bathroom sink clog may be due to it sharing the A/C condensation line which gathers all the dirt, pollen, and dust that makes it past your air filter and drains into the trap underneath the sink just like all the dust and pollen you see on your car that you've been meaning to wash. That same process builds up in your drain too!

The kitchen line may start out with a diameter of 2 inches but over many years all the grease and fibers build up and begin to choke the pipe size down just like cholesterol does in an artery building on itself and gradually reduces flow. Unfortunately, if a plumber simply runs a cable trying to clear the stoppage, they may restore restricted flow temporarily by poking a hole through the stoppage. It turns out, they are failing to fully clear the line because they are using the wrong tool for the job. So when they are running the cable, they end up poking a hole through that grease stoppage but fail to actually clear the line.


The hydrojetting process allows us to clean kitchen lines and stoppages in a completely different way than running a drain snake or cable. Unlike the process of snaking a line which is slower and less efficient, hydrojetting opens the line via pressurized water and clears stoppages far more effectively than a drain snake. The hydrojetter essentially scrubs the inside of the pipe to clean the sludge and restore full flow. We also run our camera after hyrdrojetting to show that the pipe is cleared of sludge.